Government Sector

Our e-government software helps simplify processes and makes access to information more manageable to public agencies and citizens alike. In addition, E-governance will help reduce costs and give value and added benefits such as efficiency, improved services and more transparency and accountability.


  • Governance advantages include:

    - Quality Improvement and Cost Reduction
    - Reducing administrative/overhead costs
    - Population management and continuous quality improvement
    - Reducing inappropriate and unnecessary resource use
    - Efficient use of human resources, capital and technology
    - Data collection and reporting
    - Citizen participation
  • Gorvernance capabilities include:

    - Real Property Tax Assessment: This is the application designed for real property tax. Revenue collection, accurately calculates accessed value of property (land, buildings, machineries) and tax due.

    - Business Permit and Licencing: Application designed for business permit and tax revenue collection. Provides tools for better management of business application, billing and collection.

    - Civil Registry: Designed to manage the application and issuance of all public documents. Application that allows for online processing of permanent and compulsory records in relation to important events of an individual such as birth, marriage and other legal instrument affecting individual civil status.

    - Administrative and Planning Applications:

              a. Executive information: Allows the Chief Executive (The Mayor/ Governor) to have 360 0 view of the overall performance. Provides a consolidated view of all revenue generating applications and department budgets.
              b. Helpdesk Application: Application designed to monitor all resources allocated/ assigned for fixes related to IT and non IT. Provide inventory of both IT and non IT assets. Monitor all service request / complaints logged by employees. Ability to track both unregistered and registered vehicles.

    - Financial Management Applications:
          a. Cash collection application: Application designed to enable Accountable form officer to receive all ORs delivered by the National Printing Office ( NPO) and allow of issuance OR stubs by the liquidating officer to the contractor. Generates accountable form summary reports.
             b. Point of Payment Application: Application designed for any money transactions and printing of all official receipts (using pre-printed forms). Maintenance of all records for all collection transactions, provision for discounts as approved by the treasurer and provision for waving of penalties/ levies as approved by the Mayor. Generates daily collection report by cashier. Daily collection report by OR number, list of Cash/ Cheque collection.

    - Cash Disbursement Application:  Application designed to monitor all expenditures. Handles all expenditures, disbursements and liquidations. Ability to calculate variances between outstanding disbursements versus liquidation. Generates reports of disbursement, bank reconciliation statement, summary of expenditure and summary of checks issued.

    - Budget Monitoring Application: Application designed for monitoring appropriations by objects of expenditures and by office. Allows for querying of budget condition of each department/ office. Identifies appropriation balance per office/ department. Available funds for realignment. Statements of Long term obligation and indebtedness and Statement of Fund Operations.