Modular Facilities

  • Carego Clinics: provide a practical, secure and affordable medical solution that brings quality care to the underserved. We convert shipping containers into self-contained modular care units to meet the healthcare needs in underdeveloped regions and disaster areas. Our high-quality facilities can be deployed rapidly, ready-to-use, anywhere in the world.
  • Fully customizable: our base model includes lighting, power and insulation and can be designed to meet all healthcare needs. From equipment such as refrigeration, exam beds, modular desks, generators and solar panels to diagnostics, communication, IT and water systems, we can build to any specification required.
  • Completely flexible: facilities can be used as a logistics vehicle to transport food, water and medical supplies to impacted areas and then transform into a fully productive clinic to support community outreach programs, respond to disasters or provide everyday healthcare.
  • Beyond rugged: constructed of steel with a water-resistant seal, Carego Clinics are designed to survive earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters, providing a safe, clean and secure environment for medical treatment.
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