Connective Health Solutions

Carego's Connective Health Solutions are easy-to-use, cost-effective and designed to meet any healthcare organization´s clinical, financial and administrative needs. We are committed to delivering high quality products and best in class consulting and customer service for a seamless implementation and user experience.
  • Our open source, cloud-computing platform offers healthcare providers in emerging markets, a low-cost, high value solution to automate critical patient information, work flow and business functions. All you need is a computer (or a tablet or smart phone) and a web browser to get started.
  • With our portable, self-contained health facilities, you can quickly and inexpensively bring primary care to underserved regions and disasters areas anywhere in the world.
  • From best practices, workflow analysis, facility planning and implementation to IT infrastructure support, our team of experienced healthcare, technology and medical experts provide a full spectrum of consulting services to enhance efficiency and improve patient care.
With Carego's Connective Health Solutions, it has never been easier or more affordable to maximize efficiency, increase profits and improve patient care.